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Great Bentley Surgery
Drs Bhatti, O’Reilly, Nambi & Pontikis

December 2018 – Surgery Newsletter ( posted on Dec 3, 2018 )

December 2018 – Surgery Newsletter


Merry Christmas from all the team!


I have a couple of important reminders about this time of the year below which I repeat every year, but they are important!


PRESCRIPTIONS: Please order your December prescriptions as early as possible before Christmas to ensure you get them in time.


HOME VISITS: One home visit takes up to an hour of a GPs time, whereas if seen in the practice it takes just 10 minutes and the GP will have all necessary equipment to hand. Please do not take offence if we insist that you come in. This service is only for truly housebound patients. We cannot be responsible for lack of transport.


“10 insider tips I bet you don’t know about your GP”


I came across a great online blog by a Dr Jon Griffiths recently which really struck a chord with our GPs. As a result I am going to ‘serialise’ this blog with Dr Griffith’s permission and share its contents with our patients:

We’ve all been to the doctor, right?  We know how it works; we know how to get an appointment and what to say when we go.  I’m always surprised at how little people do understand about how their doctor’s surgery really works, and how to get the best out of them.  Most people don’t realise that a GP runs a small business and that they get paid a set fee to provide all of your care.  Do you have any idea how long your appointment slot is, or how many patients your GP will see each day?  Hopefully you won’t need to visit your GP very often, but a bit of insider knowledge can help you when you do need to go!  How many of these insider tips and nuggets did you already know?

1 Your Doctor would like to give you more time - Most GPs provide just 10 minutes for an appointment. Although this might not seem very long you must remember that this has increased over the past 20 years from a typical 7.5 mins per appointment, and from even shorter appointments before then.  GPs can choose to offer longer appointment times, but there is a balance between length of appointment and how many appointments they make available.  This is obvious when you think about it – do you offer fewer, longer slots, or more, shorter ones?  What would you do?  Depending upon your reason for attending, 10 minutes might be more than enough time, or woefully inadequate.  Got a sore throat?  You might be in and out in 5 minutes.  Hearing voices and suicidal?  You might be in there for half an hour, or probably longer. Your doctor will rely on a variety of problems presenting to balance these demands on their time, and hopefully will run roughly to schedule.  Often they will run late.

You can help this by understanding how long your appointment slot is (just ask when you book), and working with your doctor to get things done in the time allowed. If you already know you are going to need more than 10 mins, ask reception if you can have a longer slot. They will probably be happy to oblige.

You can read the full blog online here: https://bit.ly/2GHljRt

Please remember the Patient Participation Group does not meet in December.


Richard P Miller – Practice Manager

( posted on Nov 2, 2018 )

November 2018 – Surgery Newsletter


This year’s flu vaccination season has been a lot more difficult than previous years and we still have our second major Saturday flu clinic to go on 3rd November. We apologise for some patients having to wait so long for their vaccination, but this was due to circumstances beyond our control. Although we ordered accurately and well ahead of deadlines, our original delivery dates were forcibly changed. This affected the new vaccine for patients over age 65, meaning that our delivery was staggered over 3 months, rather than getting all vaccines as originally agreed in early September. This was very frustrating for us and affected patients, but we thank everyone who has understood and waited to have their vaccination with us rather than trying to get one elsewhere. The funding we receive from flu vaccinations is important as this helps support the financial viability of your surgery.


Winter Demand – Help us to help you!


As we head into winter, demand for our services usually increases substantially. We really do need all of our patients to consider whether they really need to see a doctor before calling and consider using other local services which might be more appropriate. Of course if you consider your problem urgent we are always here to help and our daily on call doctor triage system will ensure you are seen in a timely manner.


As well as some great websites below, you can also get professional medical advice from your local pharmacy, the walk in centre in Colchester and patients can call 111 at any time 24/7 for help and advice.


Please find below a list of ailments you can safely manage yourself:


Back pain                              Cold sores                  Common cold            Influenza

Conjunctivitis                        Constipation              Diarrhoea                  Insect Bites

Period pain                            Earache                     Haemorrhoids            Migraine

Hay fever                              Head lice                   Headache                   Nappy Rash

Sore Throat                           Nasal Congestion       Sinusitis                   Sprains/ Strains


There are other conditions that can be managed at home if they are not related to any other underlying conditions, for example: cough that doesn’t last for more than three weeks, Heartburn & indigestion unless symptoms persist.


There is plenty of help on the internet, so why not try the following websites:


www.nhs.uk                www.patient.co.uk


There is also an excellent leaflet for parents called “When Should I Worry” giving guidance on coughs, colds, earache and sore throats which can be downloaded at www.whenshouldiworry.com


The Patient Participation Group will be holding its monthly meeting at 6.30pm on Thursday 15th November at the Great Bentley Village Hall.



Richard P Miller - Practice Manager

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