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Great Bentley Surgery
Drs Bhatti, O’Reilly, Nambi & Pontikis

Surgery Newsletter - August 2019 ( posted on Aug 1, 2019 )


Summer is now in full swing and hopefully any hay fever symptoms are starting to subside now. I’ve been asked to draw your attention to a couple of points this month as follows:


Call-backs – We need to request that patients always have their preferred call back telephone number to hand when calling the surgery. Our team frequently have to wait for patients to find and read out this number – particularly mobiles - which at busy times can cause longer waits for patients on the phone.


IMPORTANT!! - Dogs – Due to a very nasty incident in June where one dog attacked another resulting in a serious injury, we now have to insist that patients do not bring their dogs to the surgery and leave them tied up outside. We will be putting up signs to this effect soon and will be enforcing this rule without exception. In addition to the risk of dog attacks, we often get complaints from patients who get anxious around dogs, even if tied up. Please respect other patients and leave your dogs at home when attending the surgery.


“10 insider tips I bet you don’t know about your GP”

I came across a great online blog by a Dr Jon Griffiths recently which really struck a chord with our GPs. As a result I am serialising this blog with Dr Griffith’s permission and share its contents with our patients and numbers two and three are below. You can read the full blog online here: https://bit.ly/2GHljRt

  1. Your Doctor has entrusted their reception staff with an important job
  • And that job is not just to make things as difficult as possible to make an appointment! The receptionist’s main job is to deal with enquiries, book appointments and generally ensure all is running smoothly.  They are not medically trained, but they will have a really good understanding of the services on offer. My advice would be to entrust them with a rough idea of the problem that you have.  This way they are able to direct you to the most appropriate course of action. Don’t forget that everyone who works in the surgery is covered by the same confidentiality clauses. You can trust that the receptionist is NOT going to be talking about you to others. Increasingly doctor’s surgeries include clinics run by nurses, physios, pharmacists and more.  If you ring and insist on an appointment with a doctor, without explaining that it’s because you have a bad back, you might have missed out on seeing the physio – probably a better option for you.
  • If you are polite and friendly to reception, they will be polite and friendly to you. They are not trying to be obstructive, they are just doing their job – you might be anxious and stressed, but try to keep calm.  The receptionist can be key in getting the right help as quickly as possible – just remember, that help might not be the GP.

So, how many of these top 10 insider knowledge facts did you know?  As with all things, the more we know about how things work, the better able we are to work with the system and get what we need done.  I hope these facts and tips have been interesting and helpful to you.  If they have, why don’t you share them with a friend?!

Please remember that there is no Patient Participation Group meeting in August due to the summer break. The next one will be on Thursday 19th September 2019 at 6.30pm in the Great Bentley Village hall.


Richard P Miller – Practice Manager

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