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Great Bentley Surgery
Drs Bhatti, O’Reilly, Nambi & Chumbley

Our Services




Full antenatal care is available at the surgery. Ladies may opt to have their care, including their first appointment, provided completely by their doctor, completely by a midwife, or on a “shared care” basis where both the doctor and midwife are involved. You will be given a leaflet telling you more about this at your first antenatal appointment.


There is a midwife session at the surgery every Thursday morning but you can choose, if you prefer, to be seen at either Clacton or Harwich hospital. Antenatal blood tests can be done either at the surgery or at hospital.




Great Bentley Surgery offers the full range of contraceptive services including pills, injections, caps, coils and contraceptive implants. More information about the types of methods available can be found by clicking on this link and there are also leaflets available from the surgery. We have an experienced team of doctors and nurses available to advise you and all coils and implants are fitted by Dr Letton who has full training in these methods. We run dedicated family planning clinics but can also accommodate family planning advice within normal surgeries.




We run special clinics in conjunction with local Health Visitors providing checks on young children’s development. Please register your baby and any children under five for these checks.




We strongly recommend that all children have the full range of childhood immunisations except in those extremely rare cases where there are contra-indications. The normal schedule can be seen on this page.


If you have any concerns at all about your child being immunised, please come and discuss the matter with a doctor, nurse or Health Visitor. Childhood ailments can permanently maim, disable or even kill and it is vital that your child is fully protected. If you simply want further information about any immunisation, please ask for a leaflet. Alternatively, you can visit the Department of Health’s website, www.immunisation.nhs.uk.




Our local Primary Care Trust (PCT) has decided that the practice should not provide a minor injury service. Instead, patients are expected to go to the Minor Injuries Unit at either Clacton or Harwich hospital or to attend the Accident and Emergency Department at Colchester General.




As well as what are obviously routine NHS services, the practice also provides a range of more specialist care.


IN-HOUSE BLOOD TESTING which saves patients having to travel to a hospital blood clinic unless they particularly wish to do so.


VACCINATION CLINICS for influenza and pneumonia vaccinations which are free of charge to people aged 65 and over, or who have special risk factors, such as heart disease, asthma, COPD or diabetes.


The seasonal flu jab is offered free of charge to anyone over the age of six months with the following medical conditions, as they are at higher risk of catching flu:

  • chronic (long-term) respiratory disease, such as severe asthma, COPD or bronchitis,

  • chronic heart disease, such as heart failure,

  • chronic kidney disease,

  • chronic liver disease,

  • chronic neurological disease, such as Parkinson's disease or motor neurone disease,

  • diabetes, or

  • a weakened immune system due to disease (such as HIV/AIDS) or treatment (such as cancer treatment.

This information was correct as at 4th January 2011 and can be checked here.


TETANUS VACCINATIONS We do give tetanus vaccinations to adults, however once you have had five, you have adequate protection for life unless you are unlucky enough to suffer a tetanus-prone wound. Please ask if you are unsure.


CERVICAL SMEAR SCREENING Ladies are called by letter at appropriate intervals.


SMOKING CESSATION If you are genuinely determined to stop smoking, we offer regular sessions with a Smoking Cessation Advisor who can provide support which includes prescribing nicotine patches etc to back up your willpower.


NHS HEALTHCHECKS (Aged 40 to 74 years)


ELDERLY PATIENT CHECKS for anyone aged 75 or over.


NON-NHS WORK There is also a range of work that the practice carries out which does not come within its NHS contract of service. This includes:-

  • Insurance company reports and medicals
  • Completion of claim forms
  • Occupational medicals
  • Private sickness certificates
  • Travel vaccinations (see below)

These services are chargeable. Appointments for medicals are treated as lower priority than looking after sick patients, so need to be booked well in advance to ensure that they can be done when they are needed. We require 4 weeks notice of occupational medicals.


The current scale of the most common non-NHS fees are detailed below. If you need to know the fee for any other service, please call us on 01206 250691 or send an email to us. It is recommended that you check the fee, and who is responsible for paying it, before asking for non-NHS work to be done.




We provide a travel vaccination service and are an accredited Yellow Fever Centre. 


If you required travel vaccinations, you will need to complete our Travel Health Questionnaire and return this to the surgery. This will be assessed by one of our nurses and you will be contacted with advice on what vaccinations you will need and to make an appointment to have them done.


There will be a charge for some travel vaccinations and for anti-malarial drugs. Information is available from our nurses.




Please note that a fee is charged for work that the doctors do which is not part of their NHS duties.



Insurance Claim forms                                                                   


From 20.00                                  

Fitness to travel certificate


Private prescription for travel abroad


Travel with Medication - One line letter £5.00

Private sick note


Driving licence application


Passport application


Shotgun licence certificate


Offsted Childminding forms (Check & Sign only) £10.00



HGV, PSV etc. – with full medical


HGV etc (unemployed person)


Taxi medical


Elderly driver's certificate


Driving Licence Application £15.00



There is usually no charge for routine immunisations such as tetanus or 'flu. However, there is a charge for some holiday immunisations, for example Yellow Fever or Rabies. Please call us on 01206 250691 if you want more details.

Yellow Fever (1 Injection)

Yellow Fever Certificate



Rabies (Course of 3 injections)


Japanese B (Course of 2 Jabs)




MenACWY (1 injection)




General Medical Examination and Report


Seafarers Medical

Insurance medicals or reports

Usually paid for by the life company

Diving Medical £50.00
Council Tax Form £15.00
Bus Pass £15.00
Copies of medical notes £10.00 to £50.00
General letter From £15.00
Miscellaneous small form £20.00
Housing report £25.00
Sports Medical £50.00


Fees for other Non-NHS work are available on request.
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